Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Fun

In addition to all the normal fun stuff we do, we've been packing in as much fall fun possible.

We went to the Museum of Appalachia with our playgroup to see all the animals. Here's Mr. Linus looking reflective. And the texture of the fence... so yummy in a photo.

There have been two pumpkin patch trips. First we went to the fruit and berry patch with our playgroup.

Then to Life Down on the Farm as a family. It's the second year we've been there. This year we ran short on time. Next year we may go on a Friday and spend the whole day.

We took a trip out to the Oliver Springs Fall Festival. Overall, it wasn't my bag (I'm looking at you, Elvis impersonator singing bad karaoke), but that's okay, because we went for the sole purpose of letting Mr. Linus meet up with the Smoky Mountain Rocketry Club. He got to watch a couple of rocket launches. His excitement made the whole day worth it. Even the bad Elvis.

We've also been making lots of fall crafts. Here are a couple...

...leaf rubbings...

...cotton ball ghosts...
We've also been taking lots of walks. We usually end up pocketing some nuts because the kids are fascinated by them. I devised a counting game with these acorns. I'd shake them up bartender-style in these cups, and then give each kid a cup of acorns to count. They made great little manipulatives... until they started growing trees, as seen here.
After the Little Red Riding Hood incident (when I spent months knitting an ADORABLE cape for Veda only to have her refuse to touch it), I thought I'd better change my strategy when it came to knitting a hat for Miss Veda. This time I got her approval on the pattern. Then I took her to the yarn store with me and let her choose the yarn. We ended up with pink, of course. So far, so good. She's pretty excited about her hat. Here she's cuddling with her yarn and asking me to "work it".

And here's Mr. Linus. And a rocket ship. 

Next post... Halloween costumes!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things You Did Today 10/21/2012

Linus, this morning you pointed to the loose skin on my belly, made a concerned face, and asked, "What happened to you?".

I told you, "I had two babies at the same time!".

You covered your face with your sweet little hands and giggled.

Wearing the twin skin proudly... but not in a bikini. ;-)


I've got to start updating this blog/your baby book more often. Busy or not. Even if it's just to share a sweet little anecdote.
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