Friday, April 1, 2011

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 4/1/11

Okay, there's not picture of this, but I think it's super cute. Last night the little guys were getting into a fight over a toy. I intervened and said, "We have to share." Then I sang and signed one of our favorite songs about manners from Signing Time. When I went back to washing dishes, Linus started walking some laps between the kitchen and dining room, which is everybody's favorite activity these days, but he was making a sound I hadn't heard from him before. He must have repeated it for five minutes. Then it came to me... he's saying SHARE!

Veda's new word (well, phrase) may well put the babies in the running for Most Well-Mannered Babies Ever. When she's hanging out in her crib, handing me a toy, flipping through a book, looking out the window of the car, she says... Thank you. Okay, so she clearly doesn't know what it means, and I doubt that Linus knows what share means, but I'm so glad they've picked these to be their favorite words, as opposed to... um, other choices.

Now back to signing. The last few weeks have been a sign language explosion in our house. They're doing several signs now, but their favorites by far are dog, bubbles, and bird. When I took them to the zoo this past week, we stopped in front of some monkeys. I signed for monkey and pointed, and Veda signed for bird. Me: "Silly, those aren't birds. Those are monkeys!" Veda: "Bird!" And then I realized that there were birds chirping. Smart one, that girl.

Okay, enough of the mushy mom anecdotes. Here are a few snapshots of cute stuff:

Veda is into the piano. Really into the piano. This pleases me. Here she's playing some Beatles.

I found him this way one morning, snout glued to the glass, eyes wide with a dream of running wild across the plain. (It's their bouncy pony. This cracked me up a for a good five minutes. No, I don't get out much.)

Here's Mr. Linus, still in his pajamas on one of the many sick days we've been having lately. While I was talking to my mother on the phone, I thought the babies were being especially quiet playing under the table. Yeah, they were quiet because they had pulled the takeout container of rice off of the table. This is a real marker of your children getting taller.

At the zoo. Flamingos in the background and the kids distracted by person #352 to approach me on that particular day to ask me about the stroller. It was weird.

The unsung benefit of disposable diapers: the box. Yes, that's a dog leash attached to the front. Makes for easy box pulling for Mommy.

We've stopped being compliant with wearing bibs. I've decided the bib battle is one not worth fighting, especially since I doubt I could win it, so we now eat in the buff.
By the way, that's a mini lentil loaf, which they loved. I'm working on a recipe, naturally.

Man, are these kids skinny. Here's almost-fifteen-months-old Veda sporting a very droopy pair of 12 month pants. I really do feed them.

This has been Snapshots of Cute Stuff.

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  1. Those pictures are too cute!!! Eirik adores the piano too... and now he can open the lid!

  2. Great pictures!!! That's great that they are doign so good with signing and picking up new words too =)

  3. Ahhhhh, these just make me laugh! Sweet babes, lol!! There is some rapper out there who would think Veda would be quite stylish. Oh, and quiet=mischief, learned the hard way.


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