Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Portrait Of the Artists At Sixteen Months


You've become so much more YOU lately. Putting your paci in backwards for laughs, pointing to the trash can when I ask you what you did with your hairbow (and, yes, you had), giving us your sly little smile that says you know exactly what's going on... it's clear that there's a very clever, very funny girl in there.

Your favorite activity by far is reading, and your favorite book is The Little Engine That Could.You ask me to read it several times a day, each time with a humble grin that begs me not to break your heart by turning you down. Your favorite food is cheddar bunny crackers, which I know because you do a little jig in your chair when I pull the box out. You're also quite the girly girl, eager to get dressed in the morning and curious about your accessories. When I put a hairbow in your hair (which is in a very awkward stage of growing out), you usually pull it out, look it over, and hand it back to me so that we can repeat the process.  

It's more clear every day that you're no shrinking violet. At your Baby Bounce class the other day, you climbed to the top of a ramp and ran down as fast as you could, using an unsuspecting little boy as your brakes when you reached the bottom. Bonus points for making it look like a hug. You stand up for yourself and what you want, and I'm so happy to see that. That's going to be important in this world.

While you don't say all that many words, you're a surprisingly effective communicator. The words you do say regularly are mama, dada, and thank you (which melts my heart). Other words have come and gone, but those are your favorites. You sign so many words: more, want, finished, sleep, bird, dog, fish, cheese, bubbles, and train. Sometimes it takes a few attempts, but you can usually communicate what it is that you want.

Truth be told, little Veda, I must say that you've handed me my fair share of mommy worry. You're a tiny little thing - only 16 pounds in a wet diaper, not even on the growth charts. If it weren't for your big personality, I'd worry more. The words "Failure to Thrive" are looming over us right now, and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to rescue you. And even with all of the spunk that just oozes out of your pores, you're still deep in the throes of separation anxiety. You want me in your line of sight at all times. You're still sleeping in the bed with us at night, which I suspect is at least in part due to a fear of the dark since you do just fine napping in your crib during the day. But can I tell you something? I'm happy to have you nestled in beside me at night, and I'll be sad when this cosleeping moment in our lives is over.

You've got spunk. You're smart, funny, and fierce. You're our little firecracker, and we're quite taken with you.


I know that there's no way you'll remember this, but when you were a newborn, I thought my work was cut out for me. You had colic. And I mean that you OWNED colic. Phew! We tried it all - swaddling, rocking, swaying, shushing, vibration, riding in the car, probiotic drops, mylicon, gripe water - with minimal success at best. And now you're this easygoing, sweet, loving little guy. Who knew?!

It's hard to explain, and maybe all mothers of sons feel this way, but it feels like such a privilege to be the first love of your life. Look at that sweet face. You're going to be such a handsome man, and more importantly, I know that you're going to be a GOOD man. Being able to cradle and cuddle with someone who's going to dwarf me in a few years - it's a little surreal. 

You're the dog's #1 fan. Little Mimi might be sleeping on the couch, maybe just trying to relax, maybe observing all of the chaos that goes on in this little apartment, when you suddenly tackle her with one of your enthusiastic hugs. We're lucky that she's such a good girl. A lesser dog might growl or hide, but Mimi lets you do your little boy thing. It's clear that she loves you, too.

You've also been twirling socks lately. We've no idea where you got the idea from, but night and day, you're on the lookout for socks to twirl - one for each hand, please.

As for favorites, it's hard to pick yours out because you're such a laid-back little man. You'll at least try just about anything I put in front of you, and you're more than happy to let your sister choose the books most of the time. It's not that you don't love reading, too. Au contraire! When I sign that we're going to be reading books, you waddle over to my lap with a contented grin, eager for the cuddling and stories. Sometimes I think that your easy-going nature is in part thanks to your devotion to your sister, because it's clear that you love her.

Maybe that's the best word to describe you: loving. And what could be better? You're such a wonderful little boy, and I'm so lucky to be your mommy.

You have a curious nature that inspires you to play with your toys in ways the manufacturers never thought of. It makes us proud to see you using a spoon to play with your magnets or fitting blocks through the holes of the play kitchen's refrigerator. Your scientist father is beside himself with anticipation.

You are also a man of few words. Mama, dada, share, and shut up are your favorites. As for signs, you're more expressive there. You can sign ball, shoes, more, finished, sleep, bird, bubbles, dog, and fish.

When you're all grown up, I promise to try my very best not to be meddlesome or one of those mothers who can't let go. But if I slip up sometimes, please forgive me. You're Mommy's little man.

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  1. You made me cry out of nostalgia, because I remember you as a young girl who had all of us wrapped around your little finger! Continue to love and cherish those precious babies who will grow up much too quickly. We love you all


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