Thursday, June 9, 2011

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 6/9/11

I was thiiiiis close to packing up the Jumperoos. They take up a lot of room in our apartment, and the babies are too tall for them. Then again, they're good for keeping the babies safely corralled when I need to take a shower. The babies aren't content to stay in them very long with nothing else going on, but add in a Signing Time dvd, and they're good. And there's also the hilarity of this:

Arts and Crafts time has been getting more interesting, by which I mean that they actually DO stuff now when I haul out the crayons or finger paint. Obviously they still put everything in their mouths, but not as much now. We're making progress. I'm soooo eager to start play-doh, but maybe they need a little more time to be ready.

This one's a little old. It's from Mother's Day. The hubby tried to take me somewhere nice. Maybe this sounds like a bad idea from the outset to you, but Linus and Veda are exceptionally well-behaved babies. No kidding, I got stopped no less than three times at Target the other day because people wanted to tell me how GOOD they are. That doesn't count the number of times I was told how cute they are. Anyway, back to this little story... It was a disaster. I ordered spanakopita for them (this was a Greek place), and they crumbled it all over the place. They were loud. They were dropping silverware on the floor. Long story short, I ended up taking Veda outside while the hubby boxed up our dinner and paid the check. Oh well, credit to the husband for trying.

Here's Veda at the zoo. What you're not seeing is the extent of her enthusiasm for the flamingos... any bird, really. Every time we see birds, hear birds, or read about birds, she furiously signs bird. I'm such an advocate of signing now. It isn't just about the communication. It's obvious that it's also helping them learn about the world around them. At the zoo, they are so much more into the animals they know the signs for. So cool.

Linus has developed an obsession with lining things up as of late. He does this on the side of the bathtub, and he lined up pieces of food on a sink in a hotel we stayed in. That was a little weird. Funny, but weird. I'd give him a piece of banana, carrot, etc., and he'd walk it over to the sink and space it just so in order. 

Here's Veda's big ol' size 3.5 sandals for the summer. We had to try on every pair of sandals in the store before we found a pair narrow enough for her. Seriously, she's the tiniest person ever.

A photo of Mr. Linus from our trip to White Sands, NM. With the sun beating down on us and the snow white sand reflecting it back up, he still refused to wear either his sunglasses or his hat. 

Veda with Daddy, looking off camera at Mimi.

Linus is such a pointer. Here he was excited to find an ant walking across the sand.

It was hot. So stinkin' hot.

We stopped for frozen custard, which the kids love. Naturally, they had to be stripped down.

My husband and Linus in Carlsbad Caverns, which boasts the biggest cave room in the Western Hemisphere. Something like that. He also wears his sunglasses at night.

If you haven't been to New Mexico, it's hard to understand how much uninhabited area there is. Here we are in the middle of nowhere, which is where the real Smokey the Bear was found. I look fatter than I deserve, but it's necessary to post a hammy vacation picture.

Also from Carlsbad Caverns. The formation behind me looked like a monster, so this is my scary face.

This has been Snapshots of Cute Stuff.

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  1. Super fun pics! :) Stewart is a BIG time pointer too. Its so cute and now its getting to the point that I think he's actually asking for things and not just point at random stuff.

  2. Great pictures!!! So fun to watch them grow =) Love the stripped down frozen custard pic *tehehe*

  3. Lining things up has been Nicolas' favorite pastime since 2005. ;) Food, hot wheels, toys, shoes, whatever. Ella doesn't line things up so much as she does throw them. L&V have grown so much!


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