Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good News

All of Veda's tests came back within normal limits, so HOORAY! The pediatrician is satisfied for now, but wants to reevaluate at 21 months. In the meantime, I've got orders to give her Pediasure. Since I'm me, though, I searched out an organic alternative - Pediasmart (which he approved). Drink as directed? Ha! Not our little Veda. But she's very polite about it. She'll take the sippy from me, taste it, and then "absent-mindedly" leave it somewhere around the house. I don't think it's because the stuff tastes bad - she's just never liked ANYTHING except for human milk and water. Seriously, I have the only kids on the planet who spit out juice. Next up, I'll try a smoothie with strawberries and bananas. That goes with chocolate, right?

Several people have asked me what failure to thrive is. Dr. Google has plenty to say about it, most of it scary, of course - that is his way, after all. As our pediatrician put it, it just means that she isn't growing like we would expect her to. And bless the man for telling me that it's no reflection of my parenting. Even though I know that in my head, it still feels good to hear it.

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  1. i'm glad that everything came back normal! =)

  2. I'm glad the results came back okay! I myself have a "failure to thrive" child who was a whopping 20 lbs and 30.5" at 18-19 months of age, not even on the growth charts. We've been doing Pediasure for over a year now and have not seen a ton of improvement. Some kids are just really difficult feeders, as both of mine are. Hang in there and don't blame yourself! Glad Miss Veda is doing okay otherwise.

  3. I meant to say 20 lbs and 32.5". Typo on her height!

  4. WOO-HOO!!! That fantastic =) Hopefully the smoothie works to get her to drink it. It cracks me up that she finds places to leave her sippy...such a smart little cookie!


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