Thursday, November 24, 2011


The follow-up appointment for Veda's testing was yesterday, and the official word is that all of the results were normal. So that means no tethered spine, no celiac, no CF, no million other things that could have been wrong. I was afraid that we'd be told to go through another round of testing, but it seems that we're through, at least for now. Our new prescription is to feed Veda enough calories for one and half toddlers. Did you just say, "Good luck with that!"?

We'll be going to see a dietitian in December to get some new strategies for sneaking more calories in her, and I'm hoping to get a professional opinion about how to address her finicky eating habits while also not enabling pickiness. I've also been concerned about finding the balance between doing what has to be done to get enough calories in her for proper development and not overriding her innate ability to walk away from food when she's had enough.

We're certainly relieved to know that everything seems to be in order with our little lady. Thanks for thinking of us and sending positive vibes our way.
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