Friday, December 2, 2011


This morning our family was happy to board the Three Rivers Rambler Christmas train. Linus and Veda are pretty obsessed with trains these days, so getting to ride on  real, live train was a special treat.

Waiting on the train in the chilly winter air was cold business. Thank goodness for puffy coats.

It wasn't long before the snacks got passed out. Teeny little Veda nearly ate this entire bag of cookies.

Me: "I love you sooooooo much!" Veda: "Down!"

The handsomest man on the train.

Here Veda is saying, "CHOO CHOO!".

Chicks dig the hat.

Who showed up on the way back? SANTA! Here Linus is trying to be brave while Santa hands him a little snowman.

After Santa visited, we got pretty sleepy. Thankfully, this resulted in less squirming...

... and more cuddling.

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