Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Is Coming!

Buddy the Elf - I'm so excited for Christmas!  Christmas is my favourite!!
Christmas with kids is way better than Christmas with no kids. And Christmas just seems to be getting better as they get older. I love that for a whole month I get to focus on making life magical for Linus and Veda. The thing about magic, though, is that magic doesn't often happen on its own.
All that magic-making requires some organization and lots of planning. No problem. That's my specialty.
Last year I made the mistake of trying to plan an activity out for each day on my calendar. It sure did look nice and neat, but it didn't work. Nope, not at all. As soon as somebody had sniffles or the weather was bad, the plan didn't work. Lots of activities never got made up, and at the end of the season I felt like we had missed out on a lot.
This year, I've decided to do a checklist instead. It's hanging on the refrigerator, and we'll cross things off as we tackle them. A few things do have to go on the calendar because they're scheduled by someone else (like a parade), but otherwise, it's all completely flexible.
Here it is - our 2012 Christmas Activity Countdown:
It's going to be a great Christmas season! I hope all of you are able to make lots of magical memories this year as well.

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  1. Great list! I'm feeling like a real slacker...

    1. I think you've had a few other things on your mind lately. ;)


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