Sunday, December 16, 2012

This Week In Christmas, III

We finished crafting our Christmas thank you cards. Here Veda is using a q-tip to paint ornaments onto her hand print tree.
This girl loves crafting.

Linus thought it might be fun to color in the heart. He did a surprisingly good job of staying in the lines.
Here are a few of the finished products.

We also made Christmas playdough this week. We used our favorite ultra-squishy recipe and added green food coloring and plenty of peppermint extract. When they play with it, the whole room smells minty.

The kids always love it when we make homemade playdough (It really is better than the store-bought stuff), but the morning that we made it, they played with it for at least two hours. No kidding.

We also crafted a tree out of scrapbooking paper. I worked with the kids one at a time to talk about ordering the strips longest to shortest, and then they glued the strips down on the construction paper. I helped them squeeze out some glitter glue for a shiny star tree topper.

On a not-exactly-related-to-Christmas note, let's talk about this girl. It's so much fun to watch each of the kids' personalities emerge, and it's becoming incredibly clear that this girl is going to be creative. She's truly into all things crafty. Here she is using scissors correctly (at two years of age). She would happily pass her entire day away cutting, pasting, and crafting. She revels in a trip to the yarn store and tells me she wants to knit when she's big.

This guy, when I gave him some scissors and magazine pages to cut up? Well, of course the paper turned into a rocket ship. Duh. I'll be astonished if this kid doesn't pursue some kind of a career in science. 


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  1. All the stuff you come up with is amazing! Looks like they both love their own way of course =)


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