Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No-Prep Themed Collage

Here's a fun arts and crafts time activity Veda and I worked on this week. (Linus was more into play dough that day.)

I pulled a couple of magazines out of our old magazine stash and helped Veda select a theme for the pictures she would select and cut out from the magazines. On this day she chose Animals.

She flipped through the magazines to find pictures that fit her theme. On this occasion she found a dinosaur, some dogs, and a pig. While her cutting skills are pretty good for her age, she still needed a little help. Next time I might pull the pages with the pictures she chooses out of the magazine first to make it easier for her.

Then she glued them onto the paper. This girl loves to glue.

Finally, she requested some pom poms to add a little pizazz. 

The finished product...

In this simple activity, we worked on cutting and pasting skills. But we also worked on some literacy skills. Scanning pages to find images and then discerning whether those images fit within the parameters of a given theme - it's something we grownups take for granted, but for little ones, everything is new.

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  1. Great activity and the pom-pom placement makes me giggle =)


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