Friday, February 11, 2011

12/13 Months Appointment

Since we’ve been out of town for a while, we were late on getting the 12 months appointment done. As in a whole month late. So it was really sort of a 13 months appointment. The doctor at our small practice was out of town, but I was anxious to get it done, so we saw a nurse practitioner. I wish I had waited for the doctor to get back. She didn’t do anything wrong necessarily, but I wasn’t impressed. She asked me twice if they’re eating solids and remarked on how well they were sitting up on their own. Uh, yeah. Then she looked at Linus’s ear after I told her about the ear infection horror of the last month or so. His ER Rocephin shot was nearly two weeks ago, and she said that his ear still looks pink (but not red or bulging). It “may be” resolving, and the Rocephin is “probably” still working. Maybe I feel so uneasy about this because she didn’t seem to have much confidence in what she was saying, but I’m not cool with the status quo. My thoughts: 1 This kid has had an ear infection for the last month and a half. 2. He’s in a critical window for language development. 3. If I don’t put the numbing drops in his ear and give him Ibuprofen, he’s up crying every 1-2 hours at night. 4. Do something! He’s my baby! I’ve got plans to take him back when the doctor returns. What do you think? Am I overreacting? Should I wait for him to get a fever again before I take him back?

The stats on my skinny minis:


Height28 inches5th
Weight15 lbs 14 ozNot on the Chart


Height30 inches50th
Weight19 lbs 13 oz5th

Yes, they're both on the low (and very low) ranges for weight, but I'm not concerned. No one who looks at them would say that they're underweight or malnourished. And while their appetites have decreased (which is expected at this age), they're still good, healthy eaters.

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  1. Oh my goodness I would not feel all that confident either if she isn't sure if he still has one :/ Id probably call the doctor and see if you can talk to him. I hate going to the doctor and not being able to see the person you usually see. Seems like you always leave wondering what they would have said.

  2. Absolutely take him back if there's been no change by the time your doctor returns. There is no such thing as overreacting when your baby is crying from pain.

  3. I don't think you're over reacting. I would want the doctors thoughts on what is up with the ear infections and what the plan should be moving forward. So happy they are doing well!

  4. My oldest went through a phase of multiple or maybe just one really long ear infection... MISERY! Since this has hung on for so long already, I would definitely go back for further monitoring (weekly or every-two-weeks, maybe?) to make sure that Linus continues to improve. If your doctor's office rolls their eyes, tell them you're happy to find a new provider if they're not comfortable making sure his ear heals completely.

    Another thought - you might ask your doc whether s/he would recommend you get a home otoscope so you can monitor Linus' eardrums without having to take him in to the doc's office. I don't know if the home ones are high enough quality to work well, or if it would end up being a blessing or a curse, but it's worth asking about, I think.

  5. I would not be happy either! You're not over-reacting at all. It sounds like this is one persistent infection. Honestly, I think that any physician worth anything would have referred you to an ENT by now. I hope you can see a regular GOOD physician who will listen and hopefully get this cleared up for him. And don't pay attention at all to those blasted growth charts. They are based on FF babies, not BF ones. Your little ones look healthy and well developed. You're doing great, Mommy. Keep trusting your instincts. :-)

  6. YOU are the expert of your children. Go to the other doc.

  7. oh wow, not over reacting at ALL. I say take him back... being up that frequently for pain from the ear for this long is not normal.

    I'm sure you've tried just about everything for him, but have you heard of Mullein ear oil? My friend at work told me about it when I had an ear infection about 6 months ago. Its a homeopathic remedy for ear infections and this really helped to clear up my ear! Then again, i had a very mild infection. But, it may help with some of his symptoms!

  8. Thanks, friends. I'm going to call to schedule an appointment with the pediatrician and will ask for a referral to a specialist. Enough is enough.

  9. Um, yes! Take them back! You're the mom, and are their voices right now. If you won't do it, noone else will, ya know? And what IS IT with these dang ear infections? I am so over it! (on my end as well)And yup, I'm with you with having teeny tiny babies, no matter how much avacado they eat :)


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