Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Half Birthday

It's funny. When I was struggling with infertility, the Maybe Baby's potential birthday was the LAST thing on my mind. When I was hugely pregnant with full-term twins two years ago, I did not freaking care if it was Christmas, thankyouverymuch. By the time Linus and Veda's first birthday rolled around, though, it became clear why having a super-close-to-Christmas birthday flat out sucks. Between Christmas and New Year's festivities, people are all partied out. Sure, some people will come to the party, but they won't be enthusiastic. They've all been smushed in the middle of way too much togetherness, they're broke, and they're dieting.

So expect this to be the last January when I throw a birthday party.

Hang on. I'm not a cruel mommy, and I'm not throwing in the towel. Rather, I'm taking the suggestion of my aunt, who turned me on to the idea of half birthday parties. Next year we'll celebrate in a small way on their actual birthday - maybe a cupcake and a visit to the bounce house - and save the big party for the summertime. Backyard fun beats being packed like sardines in the living room on every count in my book.
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  1. That sounds like a perfect solution! Plus what kid doesn't want to celebrate their b-day twice a year =)

  2. Funny you posted this because I've said that about both my kids' birthdays since before they were born. Both are in winter and closish to the holidays so we've (I've) decided to play up and do the half birthday thing for them and on their actual birthdays we'll keep it a small family thing and make sure that actual day is very special.

  3. Interesting. What are you thing about doing to make it special? So far I've thought about letting them choose an outing, birthday plates, and waking up to their bedroom filled with balloons.


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