Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Crazy Zombie Hand

If you are very easily grossed out, stop reading now.

If you are fascinated by medical stuff (raises hand), forge ahead, gentle reader.

Last week I had surgery to remove a ganglion cyst. Ganglion cysts are very common. In my case, it was a cyst that had grown into the joint in my left wrist. It was, to varying degrees, painful. After a failed attempt to drain it, surgery was the only option left to get rid of it.

But, I explained to the doctor, I have two two-year-olds. He cut me off for the 27th time or so and told me that with a brace on I'd be able to pick them up in a week. Then the nurse told me I wouldn't even be put to sleep. This was sounding like no big deal, so I agreed to it.

I won't say that they lied, but it turned out to be a bigger deal than I expected. I was "sedated" with Propofol... so more or less asleep. Anyway, I was expecting it to be about as serious as having a big mole removed. And it wasn't serious-serious, but it was a little more involved than I had anticipated.

Now the zombie hand pictures:



Very swollen. I slept almost the entire day.

Swollen knuckles

Swelling is getting better, starting to bruise

Incision covered in glue. Just out of the frame, the "Yes" mark on my arm. As in, "Yes, this one. Not the other one."

Current hand with rainbow bruising

And that, friends, is enough one-handed typing.
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  1. That does totally look like a zombie hand! Glad you've reached the rainbow bruise stage - a sure sign that all is healing :)

  2. My husband has one of these that he's toyed with having surgery on. Please keep us updated with how long recovery really takes =) Funny how doctors make surgeries sound like a walk in the park...I felt like that after my fibroid removal..I was like WTF, that was actual surgery people *LOL*


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