Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Max Is Crying


Tonight one of the books we read before bed was Where the Wild Things Are. When we got to the page where Max is sailing back to his house, you said, "Max crying."

I said, "Why do you think Max is crying?"

You were silent for a few moments before you replied, "Sad."

I asked why Max is sad, and you told me, "Time out."

I gave you an extra cuddle and told you that I love you even when you're in time out.

After getting time out for biting your sister this morning, it seemed to be just the thing you needed to hear.

You're just about the sweetest little fella ever. Always be my guy, promise?
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  1. Awww, so cute =) We have a book called "Pouch" where the baby kangaroo gets scared and jumps back in mamas pouch...every time K says "SCARED!" and looks to me for hugs. I would stop reading it but it's one of her favorites. Hope your little guy is over being sad!

    1. We have Pouch, too, and it's a big hit here also. We love saying "POUCH!".

  2. Awww, sweet lil dude. Josh is more my sweetie too :)


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