Sunday, April 8, 2012

Next Year, Easter

Linus and Veda have been sick for more than two weeks now. Nothing big, just one of those things that happens when you're a kid. First their dad had a virus, then Linus came down with it, and then Veda started running a fever a couple of Wednesdays ago. There have been five trips to the pediatrician since this all started. Ugh.

Linus is better. Tomorrow finishes up the antibiotic he was on for a resulting ear infection.

Veda... not so much, and consequently our Easter was sort of a bust this year.

It seems like there's a very fine line between being overly cautious and not being cautious enough when it comes to sick kids. After taking Veda in last weekend because she was telling me that her ears hurt only to have her ears look completely fine (pretty sure she wanted to get some tasty medicine like Brother), I had resolved to just be patient and wait this bug out. Eight days with a fever came and went... ten days... On the eleventh day I decided to take her back in.

We were fortunate to see our regular pediatrician even on a Saturday, and after diagnosing Veda with a sinus infection, he left the room to write a script for an antibiotic. He was gone for a minute when he poked his head back in and said that he thought we should do some bloodwork to determine what antibiotic she should be taking. Finger stick. Crying. Crying.

The results? Positive for mycoplasma pneumoniae. That would be the bacteria that causes bacterial pneumonia. AAAAAH! The pediatrician had mentioned that her lungs sounded clear, though there was some fluid near them, so I was surprised. Mostly I was glad that I hadn't waited one more day, when we might not have been lucky enough to be doing a course of antibiotics at home.

Her fever spiked yesterday afternoon and last night was pretty rough. She spent most of the night cuddled up with me, but this morning I found a mucous-vomit combo in her bed. My poor baby. If she's still running a fever tomorrow afternoon, I'll be taking her back in for a chest x-ray. Keep your fingers crossed that that doesn't happen.

So no egg hunts for us. We'll get you next year, Easter.
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  1. Oh no! Poor Veda...I hope she's feeling better really soon. {{{HUGS}}} for her and you. Happy Linus is better!

  2. Ah,yes--that "fine line between being overly cautious and not being cautious enough when it comes to sick kids." Every mother knows that line exists, but it's usually only AFTER the fact that you can figure out exactly where it was and if you landed on the right side of it! Poor babies; poor mommy. Keep us posted.


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