Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 5/3/2012

From the Easter egg hunt at Nana's house... three weeks after Easter.

"Open, Nana!"

This year's egg hunt was much more like an actual egg hunt than last year. Veda was on a mission. Hence, the tongue.

Future Veda, you may be wondering why you're carrying a beach ball around while you're hunting eggs. Answer: you
and your brother carry random stuff around all the time. You're like little squirrels hoarding things away. Everything eventually ends up in your bed. Every couple of days I have to go through your bed to clean out all of the objects/toys/books.

Linus was a little slower to get excited about hunting eggs. But then he did.
"I found eggs..."

"I really found eggs!"

She's got spunk.

They both do this look.

Love that little boy hair.

How sweet is this little man?

The look on Veda's face when she heard there were still more eggs hiding.

Now a couple of cuddly couch photos

Waking up from a nap/having a snack


And now a few fun yard photos

Linus has a new love for lawn mowers... pushing his lawn mower, watching his dad mow the yard, pointing out the neighbors' lawn mowers... Veda is content to watch him play with our bubble lawn mower. She understands that it's a special toy for Linus and always lets him have it. Linus looks pretty Zen, no?

But sometimes it does require inspection by two technicians.

Linus throwing open the shutters of the new playhouse's window. This very cute playhouse will have to have its own post.

Veda hard at work in the sandbox.

This has been Snapshots of Cute Stuff.
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