Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Things You Did Today 8/7/12

I like to use grocery bags to collect kitchen scraps to save time when I'm cooking, to line the tiny bathroom garbage can, and to collect stinky diapers. So, it's natural for the kids to associate grocery bags with garbage.

Add to this that Mr. Linus has adopted a habit lately of hugging his favorite toys and telling them he loves them.

This morning my husband asked me to meet him at the Panera near his office while we were out to deliver the workout clothes he had forgotten at this house this morning. He was running a little late, so the three of us galumphed into line to get a bagel to appease the kids.

What was I holding? The grocery bag of workout clothes.

Linus embraced the bag in a great show of sincerity and screamed, "I love you, garbage!". And because Veda didn't want to be left out, she joined in on the screaming fun.

I was a little embarrassed, but mostly I was laughing.

I did tell them to stop screaming. But mostly I was doing the silent laugh when they weren't looking at me.

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  1. And the other people in Panera will just have to remain puzzled!! Great story!

  2. It's nice to show love for everything, even garbage =)


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