Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things You Did Today 8/8/12

This morning we had our first playgroup with the other mommies and kiddies in our little town since school let out for the summer. The kids were excited to go. Veda decided to pack up Baby Stella's carrier. "I need to pack my things!"

The Baby Stella carrier is so far the only way (other than stripping Stella's clothes off) that Veda has any interest in dolls.

For context, here's the Baby Stella carrier with Stella strapped in.

And here are the things Veda "needed" to pack. 

I can already tell this girl is going to need a big purse.

In other news, Linus is obsessed with rocket ships. OBSESSED. He says he wants to be an astronaut and be the first man to walk on Mars. (Before you think he's THAT precocious, this statement was made in response to a question in a book about astronauts.)

Yesterday I made a lasagna in the slow cooker. It's not as great as traditional lasagna, but it doesn't heat the house up like the oven would. Anyhoo, the kids couldn't say lasagna clearly. And they also refused to eat it. Then Linus called it launchpad. And they started eating it. Whatever it takes. So lasagna is now officially known as launchpad in our house.
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  1. Too cute! Maybe I need to start making up names for Colton's food to make him eat... ;)

  2. A big purse indeed =) Happy launchpad was a hit!


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