Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tips For Traveling With Babies: The Car

1. First, the obvious: Try your best to do the driving during the normal nap times.

2. What was once trash is now treasure. When you finish with your bottled water, hand the bottle back to Baby. Even better, leave a little bit of water for Baby to slosh around. Make sure that lid is on TIGHT.

3. If you're driving for more than three hours or so, give Baby a break from the car seat, even if you would otherwise push through. Look for a rest stop with a grassy knoll, and put down a blanket for Baby. If it's too chilly, stop at a retail establishment and wear Baby around the joint.

4. Make your meals picnics. Either pack a meal or stop somewhere and send one of the adults in for carry-out. We like Cracker Barrel because A)We're Southern, B) You can get their vegetable plate for a reasonable price (What? Healthy carry-out?!), and C) There's usually a grassy area somewhere around the parking lot for spreading out the blanket.

5. Get Baby out of that car seat as much as possible. If you stop for gas, out of the seat. If you stop to pee, out of the seat.

6. Do you have a mirror on the back of the seat Baby sits in? If not, how do you survive? You MUST have a mirror on the back of the seat.

7. With twins, we like to rotate the car toys at every stop. Keeps it fresh.

8. NEVER, NO MATTER WHAT plan on driving more than about 5 1/2 hours in a day. You'd be a fool to even try any more. A sorry, sorry fool facing the biggest meltdown EVER.

Any reader tips? What's the longest trip you've ever made by car with Baby? What's your baby's driving time limit?
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  1. Great tips! We went on a road trip with Kylie when she was 12 weeks old. I know it hardly counts since they sleep so much at that age. We had three driving days with about 4.5 hours driving each day and planned a rest stop half way each day. She did great and only reached her limit one day where she cried for about the last 15 minutes of the drive.

  2. Great post! We have four year old twins and allthough things are getting better, every trip is still a challenge.

    I always take plenty of food with me (carrot sticks, red bell peppers, apple slices) and the odd sweet for when we´re still not there...

    And I stack on new (little) toys, like cars, little figures, anything taht can spark the phantasy.

    We sing and play games and I do put on some movies when things get too difficult...

  3. Not bad, someday. I bet it gave you some confidence for future road trips.

    Twin mom, thanks for stopping by and adding your tips! I think that's the perfect occasion for a little movie watching. We'll be doing that when the car seats turn around.


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