Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tips For Traveling With Babies: The Hotel Room

Sleeping Arrangements: Personally, I don't think it's worth it to waste car space on bringing your own pack and play(s). Most hotels have them on the premises, and you can call the hotel when you book your room to reserve them. If you find yourself in a spot where there aren't any portable cribs available, co-sleeping is the way to go. We get a room with two beds, and each take a baby to bed with us. While I've been comfortable co-sleeping since they were tiny, my husband was afraid he'd roll on top of somebody when they were younger. Moms have a co-sleeping instinct that dads don't. If you have a little little one, take this into consideration.

Where to Play: This will only work up to a certain mobility point, but we've had success with creating a ghetto playpen of sorts. We put a sleeping bag down on the floor (a large blanket would work just as well) and surround it with a wall of all of the crap we have to travel with - case of diapers, suitcases, cooler, etc. Sort of like this:

See the stain in the corner? I didn't when we were staying there. Ewwww!

The Bath: I've seen 20/20 episodes that make me fear for my children's tushies should I put them in the tub bare-bottomed. Instead, we get some extra towels and put one down on the bottom of the tub like a bath mat.

Where to Eat: When eating in high chairs at a restaurant or outside on a picnic blanket isn't possible, spread some hotel towels out and do the best you can on the bed. At the hotel's breakfast buffet, be sure to snag extra disposable spoons and bowls for baby feeding purposes. You can do dishes some other dang time.
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  1. I still honestly cannot honestly believe you did this with them! It terrifies me to just read this. These are the most interesting posts. One woudln't think all the way down to bathing them in a tub and putting towels down, or having to feed them on the bed, etc. Wow!!! When we went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, we didn't even think to bring high chairs, and I thought we might die. Such a little thing, but man it was hard to manage without it.

  2. We haven't done much traveling with Kylie yet so thanks so much for the useful tips!!!

  3. We were so grossed out by the hotel bathroom when we traveled with 3-month-old Elise that DH held her under the faucet while I washed her. She never touched that tub! Haha! I'm not typically a germophobe, but you're right. Those hotel tubs are yucky!


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