Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Four Websites Worth Your Precious Mommy Time

Stonyfield Rewards - With most rewards programs, it takes forever to build up enough points to get anything. Not so with the Stonyfield program. If your family uses Stonyfield products (hello, YoBaby yogurt!), you've got to get in on this. I've already gotten a free magazine subscription, a free four-pack of YoBaby yogurt, and two free HappyBaby products.

Upromise - I didn't use Upromise for a while because I thought that since we don't do much shopping at conventional grocery stores, it wouldn't work for us. And then I discovered that they also offer online shopping savings. Savings as in "free" money going into a college fund for the babies based upon a percentage of what I spend shopping online. I downloaded the toolbar that reminds me when I'm visiting a participating site, and just with Christmas shopping, I added about $30 to their account. Yeah, it's not going to pay for a degree, but if I can save enough over the course of 18 years to pay for a semester of books, it's worth it.

Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database - This database has cosmetic products rated according to toxins and allergens. I'll admit to not running everything I use on myself through this database, but I certainly do for anything that goes on the babies. Just run some of your family's favorite products through it for kicks and giggles. You might be surprised.

Amazon Mom - Okay, this one isn't exactly a website, but it's definitely worth checking into. When you sign up for the program, you get 3 months of free Prime membership, which means that you get free 2-day shipping. Then for each $25 you spend on baby products, they add another month of free Prime membership, all the way up to a year (and the Terms & Conditions page says they may extend it - yippee!). As if that wasn't fantastic enough, if you do the Subscribe & Save thing on their diapers, you save 30% on diapers. Seriously. (Yes, we do cloth diapers, but I'm on an every 3 months schedule with the Amazon subscription. It works out well with any traveling, weekend excursions, nighttime diapering, etc - and having two babies. You could even do every six months.) The only catch is that you have to cancel the membership when your time is up or they'll charge you for another year of it. Eh, put a reminder on your calendar.

What about you? Any wonderful websites to share with fellow mommies?
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  1. I wish someone would come over to my house and show my how to coupon. I am terrible at it. And even though I really, really try at times, I don't think its worth my time to spend at least an hour cutting and printing coupons to save $20.

  2. Mandy, have you read the Coupon Mom book? (Amazon runs it at a crazy low price) I need to get it together with the couponing myself. I read her book, so I know how to do it... a challenge for later.

  3. Hmmm, no. But again, there lies the problem. I don't have time to do it until 20 minutes before I leave for the grocery, which is stupid.


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