Sunday, January 30, 2011

Twins Are People, Too

Now that the babies are getting older, one of the questions people like to ask is "Do they have different personalities?".

Well, yeah! They're two different people!
Breastfeeding made it a little tough for me to be separated from the babies very much due to my lack of success with pumping. Now that we've dropped the afternoon feeding, though, we've got more freedom to split up, which means that we get to have some one-on-one time.
With twins (and all multiples), I think this is so, so important to do. As silly as the above question is, in parenting twins, it's easy to get lost in the mechanics of the day - to treat them as a unit, "the twins". I've called our daily routine a "baby assembly line" before, and it is. It has to be. But each baby deserves and needs some time to get all of Mommy's (and Daddy's) attention. And at the risk of ticking off the singleton parents, having to care for just one baby is almost like having a mini-vacation.
Here are a few photos from our recent one-on-one days:


Linus waiting on the doctor at his ear re-check (BTW, his ears looked perfect then, and he had a massive, raging infection again two days later.). How handsome is he?!

Enjoying a good book and a beverage at the bookstore cafe. I have dreams of the four of us spending weekends this way in the future.
Veda enjoying lunch at Earthfare. I bet you think that's a lot of food for such a tiny person. She ate almost all of it.

Just us girls

As crazy as our "normal" is, it's worth the effort to make time for these one-on-one days. And truly, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. So happy you're getting some one-on-one time with L&V! I bet it does feel like a little mini vacay to only have one baby. It is amazing to me how wonderful you twin mommies are doing, I can't imagine all you go through.

  2. Thats so great you can get some one on one time with them now! I had to chuckle at all the food on vedas plate... At 10 months I know Eirik can eat so i imagine its only going to get worse!


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