Monday, June 25, 2012


Mombuli - (noun) Term of address for female parent. Used exclusively by male offspring. (ex. 
                   Mombuli, hug!) Origin: unknown.

Cozy - (noun) Rectangular piece of soft fabric. Used as a bed covering or for morning cuddle time.
            (ex. I need a cozy!) Origin: Being tucked into car seats in cold weather. ("There you go. Nice
            and cozy.

Valise - (noun) Term of address for female sibling. Used exclusively by male sibling. (ex. No,

Stars - (noun) Gummy Omega-3 supplements. (ex. I need stars!)

Whole Life - (noun) Strawberry freezer jam. (ex. More whole life, Mombuli!) Origin: Hearing that
                      said freezer jam would be the best jam of one's whole life.
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  1. We use those gummy supplements too - she begs for her "vitamins". Love this list!


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