Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 6/8/12

First up, eating homemade pudding pops.

Linus wants to be a photographer, too. Love that boy. Lesson one will be pointing the lens AWAY from his eye.)

Registering for our third summer reading program for this summer. They're so excited.

The Fairest of the Fair from last year's.... um, fair... reading a story to us. We started out this engaged...

But our attention span is short.

Still, this.

Holding onto my legs to go for a "ride".

This little girl loves being photographed and asks me to take her picture often. (Yay!)

Mimi makes a rare appearance in SOCS. See the spaghetti stains on her back?

On a play date with friend Ian, who just turned one. Precious. (See Dr. Veda wearing her souvenir stethoscope from the hospital? One of their new favorite toys.) Linus and Veda are still in their pajamas because I've known Ian's mommy since the end of the last ice age, and you can do that with those friends.

What's that that Linus has been eating? Something delicious? Only if brown crayons are delicious. Mmmm. Thanks for being non-toxic, Crayola. 

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