Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Challenge

I'm a planner. Hoo boy, am I a planner. It's a great quality to have in so many aspects of life, but when it comes to living in the moment, not so much.

With the move back home at the end of the summer starting to seem more real thanks to the warmer weather, I'm starting to get some big time planning itchies. Going for a walk around our neighborhood here has my head swimming with ideas about fencing in the backyard, making changes to the landscaping, rearranging the furniture. A trip to the Biopark has me thinking about how I can do a home recreation of a vertical succulent garden. Advertisements for children's activities here have me wondering how to find something similar back home.

All of this probably makes me sound eager to leave, and it's true that I'm looking forward to being closer to family, to seeing all of the friends I miss, and to not dealing with apartment-ness anymore. But I love it here! The weather is fantastic, the landscape is beyond beautiful, and activities for families abound. This month I'm going to focus on enjoying where I am right now.

My mantra: Be here now.

It isn't just a locale-type "here" that I mean, either. I want to be more present with my children - exactly as they are at exactly the age they are. It's fun to think about the vacations we'll take together as they grow, the things I'll teach them, the fun we'll have together. But you know what? Today is pretty great, too, and it deserves 99% of my attention.

Now about the diet transition for those who are curious - it's going really, really well. I ate some chile rellanos with cheese, and I've done some baking with eggs, but the babies and I are almost entirely there. With regard to the diet, this month I'm going to work on coming up with a list of meal staples. That seems to be the next key to being successful. I still don't miss meat, and thanks to Daiya, I'm cool with no cheese. Easy peesy.
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  1. It's easy for us type A girls to get carried away and forget the now. Such a great idea to focus on the here and now =)

    Happy the diet transition is going well! The other thing that was hard for me to find dairy and soy free was a butter subsititue. I finally found Soy-free Earth Balanace. It's pretty good stuff.


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