Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cheese (Style)

A couple of weeks ago I bought a package of Daiya, a dairy and soy-free cheese substitute, to try out in a new recipe. I'm committed to the diet change, but *woof* - fake cheese... I was scared. Consequently, the Daiya and the other recipe ingredients stayed in the fridge for a while. But then the night came where I was out of options. There was no cash in the house for delivery, nary a freezer meal to thaw, and no I had to actually cook with the fake cheese. (Dun dun dun!!!)

And you know what? It was pretty dang good. It melted like cheese, it tasted like cheese, it even smelled like cheese. There's a subtle difference, but my husband ate it up and still has no clue it wasn't real cheese. (That was the real test, as far as I was concerned.)

Then I started thinking about all of my mom friends whose breastfeeding babies have dairy and/or soy sensitivities/allergies. This product is perfect!

Did any of you know about this stuff?
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  1. A friend of mine told me about it and we've been using it for pizzas while I'm on the no dairy/soy diet. For me it tastes more like a goat cheese, it has a little tang to it. But I've come to really like it on our home made crust and sauce pizzas. My DH doesn't really like it and chooses to still use dairy cheese on his side of the pizza though. Sissy ;-)

  2. Is it in a "regular" grocery store? I don't think I've heard of it, but we definitely want to try it!

  3. Yes, I would think that on something like a pizza the difference would be more obvious.

    Chris, I haven't looked at one of the "regular" stores yet. I picked it up at Whole Foods, so I would imagine it would be at Earthfare. BTW, have you signed up for the Earthfare e-mails? They send out fantastic coupons.

  4. I used veggie shreads ALL THE TIME when I couldn't eat dairy (but it may be soy based too, though). I used it on and in most everything. I have never heard of this!


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