Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Challenge... or February...

... or January reflection??? When was the last time I wrote one of these posts?

Anyway, an update on the vegan/vegetarian thing.

Starting on the day we flew back home, I declared myself and the babies vegetarian. It's been about a month now, and I've missed eating meat exactly zero times. I'll admit that pre-switch, I was afraid I would miss cheeseburgers, which I came to love so very much when I was pregnant. As fate would have it, though, my hubby brought me a veggie burger from Ruby Tuesdays, and... wow... just wow. It was really, really good. I've also since discovered the Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burgers, which are soy-free, ridiculously easy to prepare, and yummy.

Complete veganism? Hasn't happened... yet. It's still my ultimate goal. Which brings me to my March Challenge. This month I'm going to eliminate all animal protein from our breakfast meal. Considering that I've already made the switch from cow's milk to almond milk in cereal, this shouldn't be too difficult. It does mean eliminating yogurt for the babies, though, which is one of their favorite foods. But let's be real - they probably dig it so much because of the added sugar. Have you tasted that stuff? It's like cake batter.

I picked up a copy of Veganist, and it's helping me remember why I started this whole switcheroo in the first place. If you're curious at all about Veganism, it's a great read.

Edited to correct the spelling of February in the title. *Blush*
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