Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dog Sister

This is Mimi.

From the beginning, Mimi has been looking out for the babies. After Linus and Veda (at that time known as Sticky and Underdog) were transferred, Mimi knew something was up. She kept the cat shooed away from my lap and made noticeable efforts to avoid any clumsy moves around my tummy.

When Birth Day finally arrived, Mimi passed our four day hospital stay at Ray’s parents’ house. Having never been away from us for so long, Mimi was thrilled to see us when she joined us at home. Just like in a dog food commercial, she charged at me, I picked her up, and she joyously licked my face. Then smelling that something in her domain had changed, she trotted into the newly occupied nursery and stood up on her hind legs to sniff out the new little people dozing in the crib.

Sweet as she is, we’ve tried to avoid any situations that could lead to trouble. The baby-dog relationship has been strictly monitored. In fact, we’ve probably erred on the side of being overly cautious. Yet, in spite of our best efforts, the inevitable ear pulling and tail grabbing has occurred. So far she’s been a little doggie saint, only looking up at me as if to ask for help.

There have been a couple of slip-ups - a chewed pacifier dropped on the floor and one chewed spoon, but considering how many brightly-colored objects that resemble dog toys get strewn about the floor, that’s practically doggie behavior perfection.
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