Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nine Months Appointment

The Stats:


Weight18# 5 oz15%
Head Circumference45.5 cm50%


Weight14# 11 oz<5%
Head Circumference42 cm5%

Both babies have made huge progress in length since their last check-up. I’d been suspecting that their height was in a greater percentile than their weight since they both tend to outgrow clothes tall-wise before they do fat-wise. Considering where we started out on the growth charts (as in not on them), we’ve come a long way. Note that Linus's giant head is now allegedly of average size. Ha! The hats I just bought for him were 18-24 months.

According to the alternative vaccine schedule we’re following, the babies were in for the polio and flu vaccines today. Polio went well - whimpering from Linus and minimal crying from Veda. I decided not to do the flu vaccine today since the practice doesn’t usually offer the thimerosal-free version for babies. (Thimerosal is the mercury preservative in most flu vaccines.) They’re going to order doses for Linus and Veda. Did I mention that I am LIKING this practice?

I’m so, so grateful that my babies are healthy and perfect. Only three more months until our next weigh-in fix!

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  1. Sounds like they couldn't be doing any better =) It's great that you like your practice. Having faith in your medical care is not over rated!

  2. That is so true. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for becoming a "follower"!


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