Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 10/23/2010

It’s hard to believe all of the progress the babies have made this week. It’s like their development has been in fast-forward.

Last week’s proficiency in standing led to two developments this week. Veda can now stand almost completely independently. All she needs is a little propping from the back to keep from tipping backwards. Linus is now taking steps when we help him stand. No good picture of these activities yet. Eh, it's just one of many reasons to tune in next week.

We also got our first care package this week. My uncle and aunt sent the babies Halloween outfits. Naturally, we posed with the tiny pumpkins.

Veda clearly understands that she's supposed to smile for the camera. Linus is too distracted by the tiny pumpkins.

Veda: "Seriously, Linus. What is up with you and that pumpkin?

We also have a new word. A co-worker from Ray’s home worksite was in town, so she stopped by our apartment to have dinner one night this week. When she was leaving, she told the babies “bye, bye”. To our surprise, Veda repeated it back to her. Before I had finished asking Ray if he had heard it too, Linus, not to be outdone, said it as well!

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  1. I love the Halloween outfits. I bet the texture of the pumpkin feels great on Linus's gums. I can only imagine how difficult it is to get two to smile or do anything for a photo. It's tough enough with one.

    Enjoy the new words that pop out. It's amazing! Our favorite words this week are: pumpkin, bucket, and feet. We ALWAYS love mine and no.

    Take care.

  2. Such cute pictures! The last one along with your caption cracks me up =)

  3. Michelle, we learned the sign for "no" this week. As soon as I saw it, I was thinking that a willful spoken "no" accompanied by the sign is going to push a button.

    Thanks, C!


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