Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Typical Day

Here's a "typical" day for us at nine months. Of course, every mom knows that this day doesn't exist, but it's the plan for where we're going and what we're doing when we wake up. When the punches come, we roll with 'em,

7:00 - Wake, breastfeed

After we eat, the babies play on the floor and then in the jumperoos while I eat breakfast and do a little laundry or maybe load a few dishes in the dishwasher. When I've got the laundry going, we read a couple of books, play pat-a-cake, and maybe sing Itsy Bitsy a few times. Stuff like that.

9:00 - Breakfast for the babies, then down for the morning nap

Once they're down, I scramble to get as much housework done as possible. I have a cleaning schedule that I follow, which I'll post later. I find that if I don't have a schedule, I focus too much on a few areas and neglect others.

11:00 - Awake by now, breastfeed

We either repeat the playing on the floor routine or if I wasn't able to shower the night before, I do so at this point with them in bouncies and me playing peekaboo with them to buy some time. There's more reading of books, some verses of the ABC song. You get the idea. Also, I scarf down lunch somewhere in here.

1:00 - Baby lunch and down for afternoon nap

Again, the housework scramble. If I get finished, which is rare, I start on the day's blog post.

3:00 - Awake by now, breastfeed

After we do all of diaper business and get packed up, we head out to either the park or on errands. By this point in the day we're all bored with the playing in the floor business, so getting outside is fantastic. We swing, we crawl around on the grass, we people watch.

5:30 - We've made it back to the house by this point, and I make dinner for the babies. After they eat, I get them set up with a DVD - usually Signing Time. While they're enthralled with the friendly lady who moves her hands (and she even has colorful tape on her fingers!) and sings songs, I make dinner. Ray comes home, and we throw some food down while trying to tame fussiness and pulling Linus away from the fireplace. Little pyro, that boy.

7:00 - By this time, both babies are in some stage of a meltdown. This probably means that they'd like to have an earlier bedtime, but that would mean not seeing Daddy, and that's not an option. I take the fussiest baby up for a bath while Ray has some one-on-one time with the other baby. Then we trade, give babies supplements, and brush their teeth. With twins, bathtime MUST be an exercise in teamwork. There's no other option. By now it's between 7:30-7:45, and I nurse them down for the night. Linus stays down. Veda doesn't (see She Who Does Not Sleep).

And even after being with them every moment of the day, I miss them at night. It's love, true love.
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