Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Baby Registry Ever: Bath Edition

With the end of my first year of mommyhood on the horizon, I've been reminiscing a lot. Some of the memories make me teary. Some of them make me grin. And some of them are just so darn educational that it kills me a little to think about all of this hard-won knowledge going to waste. So I bring to you, pregnant friends and Google stumbler-upon-ers, The Best Baby Registry Ever. These are the choices I would make if I had it to do over again.

Today, Bath Edition.

Trukid Bath Products - The Environmental Working Group keeps a list of products in their cosmetics database with toxicity ratings on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the most toxic. Trukid's shampoo, body wash, and lotion (all products we use) rate a 2. Compare this to Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Shampoo and its rating of 5. The Trukid product isn't "tear-free", but considering that the "no-tears" effect is achieved by adding a chemical that numbs the eye, I'm okay with that. Furthermore, the Trukid products smell terrific. You know how natural/organic products can have a certain... *smell* about them, but Trukid has a yummy citrusy fragrance.

Real Towels (Not Baby Towels) - One of the best baby shower gifts I received were big, thirsty white towels with washcloths sewn on as hoods. Baby towels get outgrown awfully quickly and just don't absorb very much.

Thin baby washcloths for the bath - It's a lot easier to get into all of those tiny creases and folds with a thin washcloth than with a thick one.

Thicker baby washcloths for cleaning up after meals - When you're trying to wipe off layers of goo from somebody's face, you want something cushy and absorbant. Keep these near your feeding area.

Bath Seat or Infant Tub - We used a seat instead of an infant tub. The pro of this is that now I sit it outside the tub and use it as a holding area of sorts for moving babies in and out of the tub safely. The con is that when they were at the pooping in the tub stage, it meant having to drain and clean the entire tub instead of just the infant tub. Whatever you choose, I wouldn't invest much money in this item.

Bath Toys - Our favorites include the letters that stick to the side of the tub, squirty things, stacking cups, and bath books.

Bath Mat - When Baby starts sitting in the tub without a seat, you'll need a mat to keep too much slipping and sliding from going on. Seriously, you need one of these. It's a safety issue.

Veteran mommies, what did I miss?
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