Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spoon Me!

On the way to our fun family outing this past weekend, we stopped for a take-along burrito. Just as we were about to leave with our bag o' burritos in hand, I stopped.

"Wait! I need to get spoons!"

"Why do you need a spoon for a... Oh, okay."

Not following? Fast-forward a few hours to the point in the family fun outing when all of the teethers and toys had been dropped on the ground. What's a mommy to do when the car is a good thirty minutes away? Start pulling spoons out of the diaper bag.
The spoon is the greatest, free-est, widely-available-est toy out there. When you stop somewhere, swipe a couple for the diaper bag. They're good for mouthing, banging on the stroller tray, or conducting gravity experiments. Oh, and saving the day.
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  1. Great tip! I hadn't thought to try it yet but I'm sure I will thank you someday =)


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