Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 11/27/10

The blog was a little slow this past week because we, crazy family that we are, went on a ROAD TRIP! We had a great time, and some of the pics this week will be from the trip. But I want you to know that before we left, I had two of my roughest mommy weeks ever. Both babies were waking up several times a night, so consequently, I was sleeping about four or five hours a night. This is okay for a night every now and then. But when it's every night for two weeks, it's... not. Add to this the little virus that our family traded around for the second week of this. Linus seemed to catch the worst case of it, and was running a fever, drowning in snot, and coughing himself awake all night. This all managed to get *mostly* better on the road trip, so when we walked back in the door of the house yesterday, it was a little like walking in on my own archaeological site. I'm keeping it real here, folks.

Now for the fun stuff.

There's something super adorable about a tiny little girl and her daddy, isn't there?

Why isn't this kid wearing any pants? Well, look in the background. He has managed to crawl out of his pants several times now. Just leaves them behind.

There's a lesson to be learned here, specifically that puffy pink coats don't fit into baby carriers very well. Doesn't she look comfortable?! 

Blue puffy coats don't work so well either.

And now, just for laughs... You know that point where you just can't pose anymore? The point where "Stand over there" is no longer an option? Here you go.

This has been Snapshots of Cute Stuff.
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