Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snapshots of Cute Stuff 11/6/2010

One night when I had Veda perched on top of the bathroom counter while I was brushing my teeth, she managed to grab one of the baby toothbrushes. They still prefer the finger brush, but I've been holding onto the big kid version the dentist sent home to them. Fussy though she had been, the toothbrush calmed her little soul, and so became one of our new favorite toys. In particular, it has made Veda's diaper changes much more manageable, as she had recently started doing a horrible crocodile death roll as soon as her britches came off.

They really do love each other, but they have no problem stealing from each other.

The babies have also started playing with Mimi. Here Linus is playing Mimi's raccoon game, which involves tugging the raccoon and then throwing it. We've not advanced to throwing it yet, but tugging we can do. Mimi is LOVING this development.

This weekend we went on a little train ride followed by a short aquarium visit and pit stop at the aquarium cafe. While this is a horrible picture, can you see the fish? A giant window of swimming fish in front of the table makes dining with babies so much more pleasant. I think I may have even tasted my food a couple of times.

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  1. So cute. Isabella does not like to have her hair brushed. But, if she has a brush and a doll, she can brush dolly's hair while I brush hers. Crisis avoided!

  2. Think that would work on Mimi? She growls when I try to brush her. And that's why we keep her so short.

  3. Tasted your food?!? How dare you ;-) Love the pictures and watching your adorable little ones investigating all kinds of new stuff. Happy the toothbrush can calm the death's the little things!


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