Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Christmas List

There are only so many cool toys out there for one-ish-year-olds. Then again, if you're trying to narrow it down, it can seem like there are so many cool toys for one-ish-year-olds. Either way, here are some highlights from Linus and Veda's Christmas List if you're looking for ideas for your own list.

1.  Smart Trike 3 in 1 Deluxe Tricycle - Not only is this thing cute as a button, but it adapts to growing toddlers. I've also been told that tots do well in these at places like the mall or the zoo. By do well, I mean they don't get as bored as they would in a stroller. Grows with Baby and prevents meltdowns? We'll take two!

2. Flip N' Tip Fred - Fred is just one of the WOW (I mean that as a brand of toys - not a sentiment)toys that made it onto the list this year, although he may be the coolest. He's a recycling truck that requires NO BATTERIES (and isn't that a dream in itself?). He has bins to sort, he flips trash into the back, he compacts the trash, and he makes engine noises.

3. My First Scribbler - We'll be getting one in pink and one in blue. Drawing without making a mess? Yes we can! I'm counting on these to get us through some car rides.

4. Personal Growth Chart - Not only are these Land of Nod charts beautiful, but they're also going to be a great keepsake for the babies.

5. Tickle Monster Laughter Kit - This "kit" includes a book and tickle monster mitts. What a great way to learn to enjoy books. The book and the mitts are sold separately as well if you're either not into books or not into tickling. And if that's the case, may I ask why?

What super-cool items are on your little ones' lists this year?
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  1. I've seen those stroller/trike things and thought they were one of the greatest ideas EVER. I was in San Antonio and saw parents wheeling their kids along the river walk there. It was great for kids at the age where they still need to be held onto but really, really do not want to be. Yes,the illusion of independence while keeping total parental control--wouldn't we all like one of those that lasted FOREVER!!

  2. I just clicked on your link for the trike - very cool design! Also, I think it is hilarious that the Amazon page features this: "Frequently Bought Together: Customers buy this item with LeapFrog Chat and Count Phone by LeapFrog $14.99 "

    Because, of course, the kid will want to talk on the phone while driving!

  3. Love the trike. Are you getting two of them? I also love the Radio Flyer double wagon that you can strap them in. And I also think they are going to get little club chairs. Love your ideas though. Didn't know about alot of these. And, of course, new carseats. Yay.

  4. Yes, one per baby. If we had room, we'd probably get chairs, too. So cute!

    Silly babies. Don't they know it's illegal to talk on the phone while driving? ;-)

    Chris, think they'd let me escort them to the prom if I push them in the trike?


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