Monday, November 8, 2010

The Long Paci Goodbye

Last week the babies celebrated being ten months old. This has prompted a small but controlled freak-out on my part. Ten months... that's almost a year! And here we are still using bouncy seats and pacifiers! Okay, the bouncy seat usage seriously needs to stop (as evidenced by my little guy breaking one with his 18 pounds of human flesh). The pacifiers are still okay for now, but since pacifiers are supposed to be a thing of the past by one year of age, I know we've got to start weaning off of them now if we're ever going to be ready for such a milestone by twelve months. And so we have begun the Long Paci Goodbye.

My kids love their pacis. Look how happy they are.

Despite every warning I'd read in baby books and heard in my breastfeeding class about not introducing the paci prior to one month of successful breastfeeding, the pacis came out the day after we came home from the hospital. We'd been up all night (and when I say all night, I mean NO SLEEPING) with crying babies who set each other off about every fifteen minutes. Thanks to postpartum hormones, I spent the entire night involuntarily crying even though I was thrilled to have left the hospital with two healthy, though tiny, babies. When the grandmother reinforcements arrived in the morning, I was a mess, and my mother convinced me to try the pacifier. Ta da! Magic.

The paci has been such a frenemy. Helped the babies go to sleep? Yes. Required constant insertion for a few months? Oh yes. We bought clips to have them with us always, for I pity the fool who finds herself without a pacifier in the throes of a grocery store meltdown.

We've had a good run, paci, but your days are numbered. This month we're only using the pacis to fall asleep with. No more casual playtime paci nips. Next month I'll try to segue into using them only if we're having a really hard time falling asleep.

We can do this, right?

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  1. Ugh! Kylie loves her paci too. I'm sure your little darlings will do great. Look forward to hearing more details...we'll be five months behind on the same agenda =)

  2. HeHe! Cute pic. Josh is done with his. He just stopped wanting one a few months ago. He refuses it, no matter how many times I try to quiet him if he gets fussy in public. Jules still loves hers, but she only gets it in her crib now, unless we go to dinner with them or something. I don't even remember why or when we started that. I think honestly that we just kept forgetting to bring it with us downstairs once we got them up, and the pacis remained in the crib. Also, I am not really in a hurry to give hers up. She loves it, and since she doesn't use it all the time, this mommy is super fine with it.


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